Beddo is a visual artist who uses a unique combination of graffiti, comic book art, and traditional fine arts. His multi-media and digital artwork attacks modern society with a vengeance that produces a refreshing outlook on pop culture.

Discovering his passion for art as a child, Beddo found inspiration in his city of Toronto. From the visuals of the street art and neighbourhood comic book shops, to the rhythms of Hip-Hop and Reggae culture, to the movement on the ball courts in the parks, his artistic vision was born.

Beddo’s latest art series was launched at Toronto ComiCon in March 2016 incorporating a visual remix layering the themes of afrofuturism, ancient history, Hip-Hop, and superhero sci-fi. His next appearance will be at FanExpo Toronto in Sept 2017, and he continues working on his anticipated graphic novel ‘Udeja’.


© 2018 Beddo Art


  1. Just saw your comic book covers on So damn good! Wondering if you have ever done any animation or worked with animators before? Working on a project you might like.
    J. Taylor

  2. I just visited your website and saw that you’re from Toronto. For some reason I thought you were from the States.

    Anyways, i’m juat deopping a line to say dope artwork and I look forward to meeting you at BSAM Toronto.


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